Sunday, February 16, 2014

La Mer: Creme de la Useless Waste of Money

Oops! I did it again! I fell for celebrity endorsements of a product, spent way more money than it is intelligent to do, and now rue the day! After years of reading in  US Weekly Magazine, InStyle, and the like, how celebrities are devoted to La Mer Moisturizing Cream, I plunked down the $155 for the smallest one ounce size and tried it out. My first impression was positive. The "Creme de la Mer" comes in a white glass jar with a luxuriously substantial feel to it, like something you might find on your glamorous great-grandmother's vanity table. It's heavy and smooth and gleaming. It also comes with a little plastic paddle/scoop-type thing so that you don't have to stick your grubby fingers in the jar to retrieve the cream. The scent is also very pleasant. An old-fashioned, faint, ladylike floral. The cream is thick and white - and that's where the disappointment began. When I applied it to my undereye area, it didn't blend in easily and I had to really press and rub it in for it to absorb. This felt wrong because I was rubbing the delicate skin under my eyes, which I try not to do, feeling it makes the sagginess of that skin worse. I also tried just patting on the cream and waiting a while to see if it would absorb by itself, but it didn't. It just sat their on my very thin under-eye skin, in a cakey, unattractive fashion.

So the thick consistency is a problem, but what about the moisturizing properties? Does it do what it's supposed to do, i.e. give the skin around my eyes a dewy, youthful appearance? No, it doesn't. After an hour or so, my skin looked just as dry as usual. I also tested the cream on my hands and cuticles, which are always horribly dry looking, and it failed in that respect, as well. Within a very short time after application, the skin on my hands looked just as dry as usual. The cream had no lasting properties.

So in conclusion, this cream is a big FAIL! Too expensive, too thick, not very moisturizing. Learn from my mistakes and don't buy La Mer.