Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Weekend in San Antonio, Texas

A pretty church in downtown San Antonio, TX

Early in March, my 22-year-old son and I flew down to San Antonio to visit my 93-year-old grandmother. Aside from some pleasant time visiting and just shooting the breeze with Oma, we tried out a few of the local businesses. One I can recommend is the Westin Riverwalk. I was originally planning to stay at another hotel, but my reservation was lost, and they had no vacancy, so we walked over to the Westin and were relieved that they were able to accomodate us at the last minute, for the reasonable rate of $ a night. I also joined the Starwood Preferred Club (which is free) and received a few extra perks, like bottled water, free wi-fi, and some snacks. We chose to park in the street-side lot across the street, because at $16 a night, it was cheaper than hotel parking, which along the River Walk, is always expensive.
The Lobby of the Westin Riverwalk

Another shot of the Westin Riverwalk lobby

The Riverwalk from the patio of the Westin

More of the peaceful and pretty Riverwalk in San Antonio

We stayed at the Westin for two nights. The lobby was impressive and tasteful. The rooms were nice, and very comfortable. The bathroom was nice, everything was clean, and I loved the green leaf-shaped soaps they offered. While there, I bought a pair of sunglasses from the gift shop, and got a free toothpaste and comb (which I'd forgotten from the front desk). The front desk staff was very warm, friendly and efficient. I would say my only negatives were that the breakfast in the hotel dining room was expensive and pretty mediocre, and the room was a bit dark. But otherwise, I think it's a good hotel choice along the river.
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