Sunday, May 17, 2015

Driving California Highway 1 and the Beauty of Laguna Beach

(Photo not taken by me)

What a treasure I felt I "discovered" after driving up from San Diego on my way to L.A. Round and round some twisty curves, I let out an audible "Aaaah" as I approached Laguna Beach. Although I had the negative association from the TV show of dumb and vapid beautiful young girls and their equally beautiful caddish boyfriends, I had to give it up for the gorgeousness of this town. I wasn't going to stop but just had to. Stunning palm tree lined streets wound further and further up the hills overlooking the postcard worthy coves and beaches of the Pacific. Tons of cute shops and eateries lined the highway road - which was the main street of the town.

I decided I wanted a mid-morning bakery treat and came across C'Est La Vie, situated between the Coast Highway and Main Beach. The area serves as the town center. The bakery/restaurant was pretty, beachy white and bustling. I picked a couple of delicious pastries from the friendly counter lady, and taking advantage of the free parking (Amazeballs!) in the back of the restaurant, ate one of the pastries on the beach right out back. The beach was packed with families and young people alike and had a super fun atmosphere to it. Nice white sand gently rolled toward the water, and tall trees were everywhere for shade.

I was meeting my niece in L.A. so I couldn't afford to linger in Laguna Beach any longer, but I can't wait to go back! Just that little glimpse of the pretty cliff side homes, all the intriguingly unique and artsy shops and that gorgeous, easily-accessible beach has me craving more. Next time I visit Cali, I will stay a few days in Laguna Beach. I want to pick some little bohemian spot within walking distance of the beach (parking is, of course, difficult) and just laze there a few days. Heaven!