Monday, July 20, 2015

Sewing Diary: Three Projects That Came Out Great!

As anyone who sews clothing for herself knows, a lot of projects don't come out that well, and are either abandoned midway through production, or donated/discarded in the end. But these three projects came out great, so I am posting them to keep a record of the things I sew throughout the year.

Prairie Skirt: styled
This first one used up some Pacific Northwest Coast Native American-style printed cottons that I had collected a few years back. I had originally thought about making a quilt, but after making a tie quilt for my Dad for his Christmas gift last year, I decided quilting wasn't for me.

Any way, I found this skirt pattern that was perfect for using a variety of print fabrics. The pattern was very simple. I didn't not make any changes to it except to make it a bit shorter, because I am on 5'2" tall. Very quick, very easy, and I love the skirt. Designs that can fit me and look good through changes in weight/size are very much appreciated. I also like that, although this skirt has an elastic waist, the pattern is cut so that there is not a lot of bulk around the waist. One for the win!

Whimsical sundress with vintage fabric
For this sundress, I used some vintage 80s fabric from my stash that my mom had actually bought a long time ago, and gave to me. The fabric is pretty thin and see-through, which is not the best, but I just loved the colors and the Art Deco-influenced border print. It just screamed, "Make me into a sundress!" So I did.

Simple pattern that's actually for nightgowns

I used this very simple pattern. The only adjustments I made were to turn the straps into ties (which I love and think are so cute), and to do an FBA.

An FBA that worked except for it lengthened the side seams
I struggled to find a online tutorial for an FBA for an empire waist top without darts, so I just winged it. I know it's not right, because it made the side seam way too long, but I made it work somehow, and it actually fits great.

Styled with a tank top and some bright beads

Used orange jumbo rickrack on the seams of the front panels, and lime green cotton medium rickrack along the hem.
For this skirt, I used some really cute novelty print quilting cotton called Science Fair by Robert Kaufman, and a variety of rick rack scraps I had in my stash. I freakin' love rick rack! All sorts of pleasant 1970s nostalgia connotations for me. The skirt was a pretty simple six gore.

The changes I made to this really old pattern I had in my collection were to add some width around the hips, and to move the zipper to the center back seam, instead of having it on the side seam. I really dislike side seam zippers because they always make me feel fussy and bulky in the hip area. Any way, I love this skirt, and but I have to find some top to wear it with.... I might get this sweater. Still thinking on that one....