Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sephora Friends and Family Sale Haul: Too Faced Le Grand Palais and Le Grande Chateau Mini Reviews

Le Grand Chateau and Le Grand Palais
Because it was so adorable, I couldn't help myself, and I purchased BOTH Christmas in Paris palettes available from Sephora: Le Grande Chateau and Le Grande Palais. My picture above shows the three mini palettes that came in the Grand Chateau box. They have gift tags printed on the backs, so you could give them to different people as stocking stuffers, if you wanted to. Cute idea! Le Grand Palais also comes with lipgloss, mascara and Shadow Insurance and sells for $58. Le Grand Chateau comes with mascara and is $49.

On the right in my picture above is the palette that came in Le Grand Palais. The reason I photographed them in this way is because there are tons of photos online showing them in their cute packaging, but I wanted to break it down to just the palettes so you can see the shadows and blushes you get with each set. To see the sets complete, here are the Sephora shop links.
Le Grand Palais
Le Grand Chateau
Unfortunately, I think Too Faced spent a little too much money on the design of the packaging, and too little on the quality of the eyeshadows. The biggest disappointment is with the sparkly shadows: they are severely under-pigmented and have a ton of fall-out.

Here above are swatches on my hand of two shadows from Le Grande Palais. The one on the right is "Midnight in Paris", the sparkling blue, and on the left side is "Eiffel", a gorgeous sparkling moss green (which looks black in this photo, but is really green). One the bottom is the color swatched on my hand, dry, straight from the palette. On the top is the same shadow mixed with either the Shadow Insurance that came with the palette or MAC Fix+ that I happened to have on hand. As you can see, mixing the shadow with some kind of primer is basically the only way these shades are usable. But even so, there is still a ton of fall-out, and I guarantee you will have glitter and shadow all over your cheeks, if not everywhere on your face, within an hour of application.

The colors from Le Grand Chateau seem to be a little more everyday-wearable, and there are some nice ones, especially "Oui", a gold-flecked, dark brown, "Parfait", a pastel pink shimmer, and "Moi", a rose gold shimmer. I love my shimmers and glitters!

So, to sum it all up: the quality of these shadows are not great. The blushes are nice, but they don't last on your skin either. The packaging is amazing! The colors are gorgeous. You will be able to create many, many looks from all the colors in the two palettes, because of the extreme fall-out from the eye shadows, you will have that "partied too hard and still wearing last night's make-up, but now it's under my eyes" look within an hour of application.
Here are my eyes one hour after application, in natural daylight. Lots of fading and lots of fallout under my eyes.
Would I buy these palettes again? Truthfully, even though I am disappointed in the quality, I WOULD buy them again. The palettes are just sooo pretty! They are like that hot boyfriend who's kinda a jerk, causes lots of drama, but you just can't bear to leave him, and you don't regret a single moment!