Thursday, June 9, 2016

Travel Diary: Maui : Part 2

The pool at Spa Montage

Pool again

Part of the women's water circuit: a rain shower, at Spa Montage
Kapalua was really pretty and felt very lush and upscale. It was more woodsy, being upcountry, and I couldn't see or walk to the beach from where I was, but it was really nice. Spa Montage at the Kapalua Resort was tied for my favorite spa. I loved that the swimming pool was integral to the spa, so you could go for a swim in between treatments. Every thing was top notch, with a beautiful reception area, locker room, and water circuit area, separated by gender. I had a really luxe manicure and pedicure here, and also relaxed by the pool.
Ladies' locker room at Spa Montage

Reception area at Spa Montage in Kapalua
Lunch was at the Pineapple Grill, on the grounds of the resort, right alongside the golf course. It was lovely. I had cornbread and a TexMex salad in a tortilla bowl, which was good. Afterwards, I drove the long way back along the coast to Kihei and went to a crummy laudromat to spend $20 doing my laundry. (Next time I do AirBnB, I will look for one with laundry facilities). After the laundromat, I went to the Kamolole III beach and read for a few hours. The beach is beautiful and easily accessible from the free parking lot, but there was no shade, so I would only be able to be there at the end of the day when the sun was weaker.
View of the golf course from the Pineapple Grill restaurant at the Kapalua Resort

The more woodsy feeling of Kapalua

The grounds of the Kapalua Resort

For dinner that night, I tried the local sushi restaurant called Sensei. It was okay. I had tempura onion rings, shrimp cake and a ramen bowl. I think this restaurant was a bit overrated, tbh.
Sensei sushi in Kihei, Maui
Saturday morning, I decided I wanted a formal breakfast, so I made a reservation at the 5 Palms restaurant, which is part of a resort part-way between Kihei and Wailea. The resort itself was not the fanciest: the decor looked a little dated. But the restaurant was pretty because it was outside and sat around the lovely pool (very crowded with families) and looked out to the beach and ocean. The service was good and the food was good, but it was a bit over-priced (like everything on Maui).
View of the pool from the 5 Palms restaurant
View of the beach from the 5 Palms restaurant.

Cool mid-century style lobby in the resort near the 5 Palms restaurant.
Afterward, I went to Polo Beach in Wailea to read by the water for a few hours. The parking was easy and convenient and the beach was lovely. I was happy to find a shady spot and spent a few lazy hours there.
Hyatt Regency Lahaina
In the evening, I drove up to Lahaina again. First I stopped at a Barnes and Noble to get some books because I'd already finished everything I'd brought with me. I bought two murder mysteries and three Korean language books (because I've decided to learn Korean). Then it was time to go to the Hyatt Regency in Lahaina for the second luau I had booked. I loved this hotel. Some people might think it was a bit dated, but since it was mid-century modern style, I loved it. I wished I had stayed here (for fewer days) instead of longer at the AirBnB, which I had discovered had roaches and ants! Yuck!!! Anyway, the grounds of this Hyatt were gorgeous! Live black and white swans and flamingos walked around freely over the Asian-inspired landscaping.
Hyatt Regency Lahaina
The luau was very nice, as well. The setting was not as great at the Old Lahaina one because it faced away from the beach instead of towards it. But the food was better. The performances were of equal quality in my mind. If I had to choose between the two luaus, it would be a hard choice because at one, the setting was much prettier, and at the second one, the food was better.
Luau at the Hyatt Regency Lahaina
Sooo.... I don't know. Toss up, I guess. Any way, it was very nice, and I made up my mind to come to the Hyatt again for dinner so I could really enjoy the beauty of the grounds. After the luau, I drove the long, dark, scary, winding road back down to Kihei for the night.
To be continued.....