Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicago Thrift Store Gems

While I was looking after my mom, post-shoulder surgery (hers, not mine), we decided to go to some thrift stores. The day was pretty fun (except for a fight we had, mid-day) and I scored some finds that I am totally in love with.

We went to two stores on the north side of Chicago, that I found off of a list published about the best Chicago thrift stores:
Best Chicago Vintage Stores

I had never been to either one so it was an adventure. They are close to each other in the Edgewater neighborhood. The first one we visited was the Edgewater Antique Mall.

I love this one and can't wait to go back. It is one of those indoor antique "malls" that is not really a mall, but a collection of stalls from various dealers. On the day we went, they were having an automatic 10% off everything over $30 sale. On other days, you can try bargaining for a lower price. My mom and I were not looking for anything in particular, but she has just recently bought a new house and wants to furnish it "country style." I was hoping not to buy anything, but to be honest, I was open to falling in love with something. Additionally, I was on the look-out for cool Mid-Century Modern stuff that my brother might like. That is his current obsession, and he is particularly looking for garden sculptures in that style, (which we did not find). I don't even know if they exist, at least in the price range a typical homeowner can afford. But anyway, here are some of the pictures of cool MCM stuff I found:
Look at this amazing console we found!

Both ends open outward!
This piece was pretty amazing. It seems very unusual to me, with the panels of relief carving and the ends opening out for more storage. I'm not exactly sure what this chest was used for - maybe dining room storage? The seller did not even have a price on it. Apparently, he is doing research on it to find out it's value. I fell in love!
Fun metal Don Quixote sculpture!
I just finished reading an amazing translation of Don Quixote so I am currently in love with all things Quixotic. This knick knack was reasonably priced, and I am thinking of going back for it. I might start a little statue collection: maybe three to five pieces. That would make an awesome display. Of course, according to my "one-thing-in-two-things-out" rule, that would mean getting rid of more stuff. What should go next?
Adorable china!

 Check out this sweet set of china. I so wish I could justify this purchase as it is just too cute for words! Love the colors, the patterns and the interesting shapes of all the pieces. It was pretty pricey, though.
Two blue candlesticks
 These would fit in the shabby chic, or kitchy cottage mode of decor. They are the sweetest shade of sky blue ceramic, with a romantic raised pattern. I think I need these!
Someone painted this bright red.
 Another sweet little bit of shabby cottage cuteness. If I bought it, I might even stencil on some woodland flowers and toadstools. It reminds me of something you might see in Red Riding Hood's grandmother's cottage.
50s style retro dinette set.
 I am jonesing over this one, for sure. It is so well designed! Yellow Formica-type top, chrome legs, and vinyl upholstered stools that hang fitted into slots under the table. Plus casters on the legs! I wish I had room to add this to my kitchen! My little white kitchen table from Ikea is looking sadder and sadder, compared to this!
Super duper gaudiness!
 Fun chandelier that my mom was thinking of buying. The price was really good, but she couldn't pull the trigger. I wish she had snapped it up, because her house so far is looking pretty vanilla, and it definitely could do with some gold-tone filigree and plastic iridescent crystal goodness!

Scandinavian Ram
 I'm an Aries, so I should have this. But the price - nope. Can't do it. (Sad face).

Funky, new-made, vinyl wallet and dotted shades. 

 Mmm, yes, please! I didn't bite on this one, but I might go back for them if they go on sale.

A ginormous collection of vintage ViewMaster reels. I loved these as a kid, and still do. I couldn't believe the selection. I spotted these just before my mom and I got in a fight at the store, so I didn't have the energy to go fishing through them, but I want to go back. I wonder if these old ones fit the modern ViewMaster I have in my basement?

Those are all my photos from the Edgewater Antique Mall. Check out the next blog post for Part 2 at the Broadway Antique Mall, when I will reveal my fabulous purchases!