Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Part Two: Chicago Vintage Shops and What I Bought

After visiting the Edgewater Antique Mall in Chicago, my mom and I went to BAM (or the Broadway Antique Mall) which is on Broadway in Chicago. This is a two-story store, and again, it features booths from various sellers. My first impression of this store, compared to the Edgewater Antique Mall, was that it was not as chock-full of small stuff, but rather had a more restrained collection of larger items. This may or may not be actually true, but it felt less crowded and more formal. After a few minutes of browsing, we also noticed that the prices seemed to be quite a bit higher. I was hard pressed to find any furniture for under $900. This store definitely had some cool stuff in it, but it wasn't as much fun to explore. Here are some of the most interesting things we saw:
Gorgeous mirrored vanity table with lucite-type handles. Matching chair had potential to be awesome but the upholstery was ugly.

Funky upper arm bracelet formed to look like a snake. Unleash your inner Cleopatra!

I had a love/hate relationship with this combo wardrobe/dressing table. On the one hand, the fabrication and material used seemed really cheap ....
But on the other hand, the design was so cool! There was a space for hanging clothing, and a space for make-up, etc. with a fold out stool and a mirror. In my dreams, I would have it recreated in a quality natural wood, instead of the thin and ugly fake wood they used.
More rams for my Aries self. Mid-century pottery dish. Apparently signs of the zodiac were popular motifs back then?

Mid-century Modern Nail Art Wall Hanging

Tramp Art-style Spice Drawers

Large hooked rug wall hanging. Very Cool!!!
I am so in love with all of these things. First off, there is this sunshine-y yellow picnic set. There are no identifying marks on it, other than to say it was made in Mexico. It comes with cutlery, plates, and two sizes of bowls. The carrying case comes apart into two serving dishes. I wonder if the two holes on the top used to hold salt and pepper shakers, or if they are simply finger holes to help pull the case apart. In any case, I adore it and hope to use it soon for a picnic. This was $30.

My next purchase (for only $12.99!!!!!) is in a totally different style, but I think it's so cool! It's a black lacquer Japanese wooden music box and jewelry holder. It was so cheap, I think, because the music box part doesn't work, and it is missing one of the tiny brass nails that hold the hinges on (does anyone know where I can get a replacement tiny brass nail?). But regardless, it is still so charming. The insides of the drawers are lined in hot pink velvety fabric. The little doll is surrounded by mirrors. Her expression and demeanor are pure pathos. It's so sweet! The black wooden exterior is handpainted, and also decorated with iridescent chips of abalone shell. Knowing what I know about the way items from Japan are marked, I would guess it was from the late 1950s or 1960s.

Love the painted scenes, the gold thread tassel, and the sad little doll.
How cute are these?!!! A couple of people have suggested they are Christmas glasses, because of the bells. But I will use them all year long because the colors of baby pink, black and gold don't seem very Christmas-y to me. Set of 6 tall, slim milk glass drinking glasses: $36.
And my last purchase is the one I have been using non-stop since I bought it. I washed it in hot water a few times but it still smells slightly like some old lady's perfume. But I am getting used to it. I love it so much and use it as a tv-watching blanket while crashed on my sofa at night. It is the kind of over-the-top girly girl item I just adore! 
I think it's a cotton/poly blend, and it's definitely machine quilted. My guess is 1960s or early 1970s? This was only $25 and it's in perfect condition, except for a few loose strings.

And last, but not least .... I did not get this item at the vintage stores, but I think it's super fun and wanted to share it:
Found at Lowe's. Wish it came in more colors.
This giant twist tie can be added to the list of things I didn't know I desperately needed, but now can't imagine life without! The package came with TWO of these fabulous items. So far, I have not used it for anything particularly useful but have been playing with it non-stop. It's one of those things that are great to fidget with when bored. But according to the package, the GearTie can be used to secure your folded blankets, wrap up your patio umbrellas, or hang your lantern from your clothesline!! Yay! No more lanterns on the floor, ever again! Life it good!