Monday, October 5, 2015

Gone Crazy for Beauty Products! Many Reviews Forthcoming!

I've gone a little bit crazy with new beauty products recently. It's become more of a fun hobby than just simply a practical every-day usage. I have purchased and tried so many new beauty products, including American brands, Japanese Brands, British and mostly, Korean brands. I think it has to do with turning 50 this year. Suddenly my feelings about skincare have become, "This shit just got real!"

I had been kinda lazy about my skincare up until now. Yes, I have been wearing sunscreen daily since my early 30s, after I had a pre-melanoma spot removed (from my lower abdomen, which never sees the sun! Go figure). But aside from that good habit, I had lots of bad habits; the worst being going to bed with full make-up sunscreen on! Gasp!

Anyway, having rediscovered, the scientifically-oriented critique website for beauty products, along with the explosion of the availability of Korean beauty products in the U.S., I have found a new love for taking care of my skin. So let's get on to the first review:
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Hydropeptide Solar Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, $44
This sunscreen looks sooo good on paper. I was really excited to try it. It is chock-full of lots of helpful ingredients. Here's a link to the description on the company website. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. First impressions: I loved the look of the tube container with the pump delivery system, but it seemed like you would waste a lot of product because the pump was not very efficient at getting the lotion out of the tube, and there was no way to open the tube and scoop out the product if you needed to. The lotion seemed lightweight (a plus) but had a scent that reminded me of melon flavored candy, and had a slightly lavender cast to it (a con). It spread on my face reasonably easily, without my having to drag my skin around too much, and it looked good in the mirror, UNTIL I checked my 10x magnification mirror! Then I saw that it left behind a white cast and didn't fully blend in to the skin, and was streaky. And it feels a little greasy on my face. Boo! So, I will continue to use up this product, but only on my neck, chest, arms, etc. Not good for my face. And I definitely will not purchase this again.

If you still want to try it, it is widely available online, including here at Nordstroms for $44 including free shipping, which is where I bought it (because I love Nordstroms' great customer service and they are part of Ebates, so I get some money back).